a couple of weeks ago, I created a facebook account, out of curiosity, and also because some of my friends shared their photos on it.
Here is what I think of facebook.

pros ( positive aspects) =
  • I have news from former pupils.
  • I can see my friends'photos, or what they are doing at the moment
cons (negative aspects)=
  • there are many commercial messages
  • there are many invitations to useless and stupid online games or quizzes
  • anybody can get information about me (how scary is that?!)
  • the worst: I have information about people, I'd rather NOT have!!
So, I ignore all invitations to become "friends" with pupils I have now at school!
And I warn all of you : don't share private information or personal photos on your facebook page!!

Now look at this video, it's a parody of facebook in real life! quite funny I think!

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