Mercredi 2/09 c'est la rentrée pour les 5ème, les4ème et les 3ème
Jeudi 3/09 c'est la rentrée pour les 6ème!
Il est temps de réviser un peu! Te rappelles-tu du nom des objets de la classe en anglais?
Voici un petit jeu interactif pour t'aider:

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  1. Dominique Says:

    Mlle K! I spent some time looking for some book suggestions for your students (there are so many good books but I am not sure how easy they would be for English learners). I tried putting myself in your student's eyes, thinking of books that I would be able to understand (at least partly)in French (of course it is vice-versa for them since they are learning English).You could try the Spiderwick Series: there are five books but they are all short (a little over a hundred pages with somewhat larger font and smaller page sizes)and the language isn't overly complex. I am not sure if everyone would be interested (it is fantasy and for some that doesn't appeal). Another book is Crash by Jerry Spinelli. It isn't that long and it is interesting. Also the language and vocabulary isn't that challenging. Another book could be The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo. The wording is also not that complicated, I think your students will be able to understand at least parts of it.
    J'espere j'ai aide. Merci.