Some 1,800 athletes from the whole world are taking part in the nine day Championships, competing in 47 competitions across 24 different disciplines!
the competitions have started onAugust 15th, and they will end on August 23rd.
the disciplines: (source:
  • track events
    include short races -COURSES-(sprints),middle distance races (800m, 1500m, the steeplechase...), long distance races (marathon...),hurdles -HAIES- and relays.
  • field events include the high jump-SAUT EN HAUTEUR-long jump-SAUT EN LONGUEUR- , triple jump-TRIPLE SAUT-and the pole vault-SAUT A LA PERCHE- the shot put-POIDS-, the javelin- JAVELOT-,the hammerthrow-LANCER DE MARTEAU- and the discus-DISQUE

the most Famous athlete In the 2009 Berlin Championships:
Usain Bolt:!
he is the fastest man on Earth!! He is from Jamaica, and he broke 2 world records (100m and 200m)

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